Read form data and use it in form-data type

it keeps giving me an error ,but when console log the form data it looks like what i need
"queryExecutionMetadata":{"estimatedResponseSizeBytes":161,"resourceTimeTakenMs":1202,"isPreview":false,"resourceType":"restapi","lastReceivedFromResourceAt":1657637505382},"source":"resource"},"errorData":"network timeout at:someUrl,"displayOptions":{"hideToast":false},"trigger":"NATURAL_FAILURE"}

Hey @zeena!

Are you able to make any other queries to this resource from within Retool?

@Kabirdas yes, i can make requests with static data, but when I read data from the form I face this issue

Is the static data you're using exactly the same as what's being shown in the preview? It might be helpful to see what the request and data sent looks like by hitting and then previewing the response in Retool:

@Kabirdas why does it add the slash, and how can I avoid that?

The double quotes are being escaped to indicate that they should be interpreted as part of the text instead of marking the start or end of it. I'm curious how this compares to the request that was working in postman - it seems as though you might need double quotes around the values as well, in which case you could try doing something like {"title":"{{}}", ...etc } if you rather not have any double quotes you can remove them from the input, e.g. {title: {{}}, ...etc }

Let me know if either works!