Query fails to populate list view

Working on data access restriction for my app and I can't quite understand list view behaviour here...

Query runs successfully has id and no data inconsistencies. Only dynamic element in it is {{ current_user.email }} but it can't be empty.

List view is saying that it's not defined, although has its definition in a green hint box just below it and fails to populate. Although every single {{item.}} element has a green hint box with correct data popping up.

Something i'm going wrong?

That getUserProjects is not defined warning is probably an unrelated bug/red herring.

To debug this, I usually do the following:

  1. Check that collectionView5's data property is being correctly evaluated by inspecting its state in the State tab.
  2. Add a Text component to your app with the following value: {{JSON.stringify(getUserProjects.data)}}. Then inspect its value in the State tab and also see what it renders on the canvas.

In general, if the IDE indicates there is data and the app preview doesn't render anything, it means the state between the app preview and the IDE has diverged, and you should refresh the whole page to get everything synced up again. We have a large architectural change rolling out over the next couple weeks that should fix this issue.

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State for collectionView5 looks properly populated:

{{JSON.stringify(getUserProjects.data)}} displayed null on the canvas but like before has a hint box correctly returning what should be displayed.

Does it fix on refresh? It looks like the state in your IDE and the app preview have diverged.


You are absolutely right.
F5 fixed it all.

How did you notice? So I can keep an eye on it myself.

The text component wasn't rendering its value property correctly even though the IDE indicated that there was a bunch of text to render.

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