Public Apps and Custom Auth

Is there any progress regarding custom authentication for public apps in Retool? I'm interested in implementing custom authentication in a public app to avoid individual Retool accounts for all users. Any insights or recent developments on this topic?

Hi @Shaheem thanks for asking - the answer is really important for folks to know! There are a few considerations, and there's a newer product line we rolled out in recent months (Portals) that may be relevant to your use case.

I'll draw from my teammate @Kabirdas 's answer here:

Retool designed the Public Apps feature to support applications that are truly accessible to the public (examples could include an application that includes a form for collecting local news reports or a public-facing COVID tracking site). Using Public Apps with your auth to reduce your user count goes against the terms of service.

If pricing is a blocker for you at the moment you can reach out to He'd be eager to get you spun up, and see if a product like Retool Portals could work for you! See more about this product in our docs.

If you still want your own auth service, you could still use it to make sure users are authorized to take certain actions against backend endpoints by setting up custom API authentication in Resource settings.