Psql Bulk update via primary key and insert a record not working, error message

Dear Retool,

I am implementing an interface for my psql database of research papers.
The table I want to modify and insert has 5 columns.
Main_ID(primary key, bigint), Paper_ID(bigint), Name(character varying), Research(character varying), Year(bigint).

Whenever I tried to update or insert a query an error message will show up, {"status":422,"message":"update "Main" set "Paper_ID" = $1, "Name" = $2, "Research" = $3, "Year" = $4 where "Main_ID" = $5 - column "Research" of relation "Main" does not exist","statusCode":422,"error":"Unprocessable Entity","data...

I also can't find the full error message, pressing command + B doesn't show anything on my left panel.

Please help me to update and insert my table, any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi @HYL, welcome to the community! :wave:

Redo the whole procedure but be on Editor mode (click Edit App on the top right of this view from your screenshot). You can access the left panel (command + B) on editor mode. The error here simply says that Main.Research column does not exist. The column name in your Main table might have a different name from Research.