Cannot Bulk Update via primary key


I'm trying to use "Bulk Update via a primary key" in the GUI Mode but I receive an error message after submitting : "Primary key Id is not present in the supplied array". It it not the first time I'm using this method but it's not working here. The id is a primary key in my table.

Thank you for your help

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Hello @AntoineOA! Happy to help with this.

If you click into the field, what does the preview show? And out of curiosity, if you hardcode a similar value in, does it work as expected?

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Hi, AntoineOA,

Maybe this is a very late reply.

I just got this error and looked into the table that I need to update.
I found my issue is because I forgot to set the primary key of this table.

In your case, just look into the table1 of the primary key if it is set correctly.


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Hello, thank you for your late answer. I found another solution few months ago but I'll have a look to see if with the id set up correctly the update works.