Protocol Handlers in URLs


I'm wondering if anyone has built an app which has hyperlinks to other protocols/uris?

Eg. Webex Teams has a protocol handler so when a link like the below is clicked, the browser will try and load the app. Same with Zoom and other apps.


When I try to do this via normal URL, Retool doesn't seem to like it. I have managed to get it working if I use an iFrame on a Custom component but then I got stuck trying to pass a parameter through to customise the link (replace the email address).

Anyone got any ideas and examples they could share?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey @dcsearle!

Would you mind sharing how you have your custom component configured?

I imagine you could do something like:

<a id='webex-link' href=''>click me</a>
  const link = document.getElementById('webex-link');
  Retool.subscribe(model => link.href = `webexteams://im?email=${}`);

Assuming the model is set up similar to this:

Instead of using a text input in your model you could use a temporary state or the result of a query for passing in dynamic email values. The syntax would likely change if you're using a different configuration though, curious to see what you have!

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Thanks Kabirdas! That's a solution I can work with :slight_smile: