Protocol Handlers in table column Values

In my retool app,in User table there is a column showing username , when i click on the username, i want it to open the corresponding user profile in a specific internal app say employeeDirectory
This employeeDirectory has a protocol handler so when a link like the below is clicked, the browser will try and load the app.


I tried to add the same in click event , i am getting an error saying the limited protocols used in retool. Is there any option to achieve this.

In the table when I click the user name, it should open the corresponding user profile in the app and

Hi @Arathy,

I submitted this as a feature request because currently the url field requires one of the following: http, https, mailto, tel, sms, facetime, callto, cid, xmpp, slack, ftp, ftps. I'll let you know if I hear any updates on adding your request

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Thank you @Tess :blush: