Link Column in Table to seperate retool page

I understand I can add action buttons that allow to link to another retool page. But how do I specify a different page for each action button? From what I can tell, the default ui only allows to set a single retool page

Can you clarify what you mean by action button? Each normal button has its own properties and thus can link to different pages.

I assume you want to open different Retool apps for each row in a table. If so, instead of Open another Retool page, select URL of webpage to open for the action button. Then use the data from currentRow to create the url for each row.

I want the column action button open another page style like a link
seem impossible
any ideas?

Hi @hafeyang Just to double check, is the main limitation you're running into on the styling side? In other words, is it accurately navigating to the app on click?

The action buttons only natively support the standard button style, not a link style (i.e. underline & different color font). If you want a button with a link, you can use a custom column with the column type "button" & toggle on Render cell as pure HTML. Would that work for you?

Hi @Tess

the cons of render pure html for the cell is page will reload when navigating

for example

cell value

<a href ="/apps/anotherapp">go to another app</a>

page will refresh when navigating

the better way is HTML5 push API like history.push() , page will not refresh for better user experience

button with action go to another app won't fresh page

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Thanks, @hafeyang We'll submit a feature request for this

Hi @hafeyang

Our new table component will have a link column type that can have go to app events :slightly_smiling_face: It's launching to Cloud next week