Prompt history for SQL AI Assistant

My first outing with the SQL AI Assistant was impressive. It will take an old dog like me a while to learn to cede that much control (I built full stack web sites in Notepad for years back in the early days) but I'll get there.

One thing that would be helpful is seeing the prompt history.

I have also hit one limitation, I don't know if it is with the model or with how you are pre-prompting it. I cannot get it to create a query that uses FOR JSON to return the results in JSON which I do a lot as a way to make SQL Server do most of the my transforming for me. It tells me the columns are not JSON type or that it cannot query the database itself.

Hey @bradlymathews!

As of 2.120.0 a keyboard shortcut as been added and you should be able to use (↑ and ↓) to cycle through your prompt history:

Are you still having trouble generating FOR JSON queries? Curious to see what prompts you've tried! This is a bit of a silly one but the AI does seem to know about the clause:

Great that works!

And it is now doing JSON, even nested JSON so they upgraded the training or my recent experience with ChatGPT has trained me to give better prompts.