Let retool AI send first message in chat component

Hi all, I'm looking for a way to make the AI agent send the first message into the chat component when a user lands on the app. I have set the AI chat query to run on page load, which i thought would do it. But the query runs and doesn't populate the chat box. Any ideas?

Hi @Bruce_E

I think this will require a feature request :disappointed:

Just to confirm, are you looking to start the chat with a "response" from Retool AI? It seems like the chat component currently requires a user to start the chat, and then Retool AI can respond.

My best idea for a workaround is to try to use css to hide only the first chat (which would be a dummy chat from the user) so that you only see the response from the ai agent:

Here's an example JS query that is triggered on page load and sends the first "dummy" chat message from the user