Prompt driven charts inside Retool

Prompt-driven charts in Retool offer a powerful way to visualize data that is both user-friendly and highly customizable. By implementing these in your internal applications, you can significantly enhance the data-driven decision-making capabilities of your team. As data continues to grow in importance, tools like Retool are invaluable in harnessing its full potential.


Hi @Harsha_Wijesooriya

Interesting, but it's not clear what happen there.
Are you generating or modifying the chart based on the prompt-ai?
That would be great!


Hi @abusedmedia
Yes. I am generating the chart based on the prompt. Here's a quick video of it


That's great!

So, basically you are asking to GPT to create a Plotly JSON based on the prompt.
My question is: how you're instructing the prompt about the data structure?

Keep it up!

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Thank you. Myself and my son are building something that will probably go Open Source in the coming weeks. It can accept a prompt and based on the data schema we setup, it can generate charts. Take a look at my LinkedIn Article about it Harsha Wijesooriya on LinkedIn: DASH-E by Text2BI in Action! With DASH-E, you can now transform your…