Production to Stage Dabase Migration Failure

  • Goal: I am trying to migrate data from production to stage in Retool Database

  • Steps: I have created a migration from production to stage and run that migration (I have not created the tables in stage and assume that Retool will create the tables itself if they were not available)

  • Details: I am getting a failure for migration and it says one of my enums are not available while I can see that enum is defined in generated migration query

  • Screenshots:

Dear @retool_team
Any idea what the problem is?

Hi @Alireza_Karimi,

Thanks for reaching out

Unfortunately, it looks like we have a bug in our backlog where tables that use ENUM types with upper cased names will fail schema migration :disappointed: We haven't been able to prioritize a fix yet, but I'll add your +1 and post back here when our team is able to pick this up

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