Migrate enum changes in retool database

Hi there Retool crew,

In general, my db workflow involves making changes to my staging Retool db, testing those changes, then migrating the changes to production using the built in migration tool. This works great, except when I make changes to an existing enum column, like adding a new value to the possiblities for an enum.

When I first create the enum or when I remove an enum, those actions are reflected in potential changes in a migration. However, when I change an existing enum, that change is not visible and does not migrate. I can change the enums manually but I keep forgetting to do it causing small bugs. So I am hoping to be able to rely on the migration tool to show all the possible migrations including these enum changes.

There may be a reason why this isn't possible or feasible, I'm still new to sql and postgres.

I just got caught again with a bug caused by this so I thought I'd see if it's possible to change at some point (or maybe I'm missing something). Happy to share more info if it's useful.