Problem with SQL query and parameters

I am having problems while querying a database.

This query does not work:

select "id"
from bo.accounts
where "id" like '%{{ accountIdInput.value }}%'

and it throws the error:
bind message supplies 1 parameters, but prepared statement "" requires 0

However, this other query works:

select "id"
from bo.accounts
where "id" like '%test%'

If I try a similar query on another DB, it works.

select "account_id"
from bdv.account_latest 
where "account_id" like '%{{ accountIdInput.value }}%'

The only difference between the third and the first query is that account_id of the third query is of type varchar, while id of the first query is of type text.

What is the problem?

Thank you

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What db are you using and can you share a screenshot to show what '%{{ accountIdInput.value }}%' looks like in the first and third query?

I'm interested to see screenshots as well. :nerd_face: Also, can you confirm on your resource config page if you have prepared statements disabled?