Bind message supplies 2 parameters, but prepared statement "" requires 1

I've got this simple Postgres SQL statement and I'm getting the below error. Also, instead of using a TextInput, I've also tried using a SearchBar component, but getting the same error. I'm not sure what exactly I've changed, because I used to get all the rows in the "roster" table, but when I entered a character in the TextInput or SearchBar component, where it's supposed to use the ILIKE statement (I've also tried LIKE) to filter, nothing would come back, that, or I'm supposed to do something else after the filter runs to have the data display?


I got it to work with the following syntax on the LIKE statement:

SELECT * FROM roster s
WHERE ({{ !textInput1.value }}
OR s."NAME" LIKE {{ '%' + textInput1.value + '%' }})

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