Problem with retool AI analytics

I have built a prompt engineered app using Retool AI, that we intend to release to the public.

Retool customer support are saying that there is no way of tracking analytics or creating a google sheet to see the number of responses. This cannot be right, can someone help?

Hi @Mjoslin, welcome to the forum! :wave:

It depends on your use case, if you would to track things like number of responses, what questions were asked, and what the AI responded with, we can definitely build something like that with Retool. I would also recommend to use a database like Retool DB instead of a spreadsheet, it is way easier to work with.

For example,

Here is an App with one text input to ask AI anything:

Here is the query that makes the request and generates the response:

Then, create a table "ai_tracking" on Retool DB to track questions, responses, and who asked them:

As you can see, I'm saving the questions, responses from AI, and the ids of the users who asked the question. To save this data, all we need is a Resource query:

From here, to track how many responses we have, we can just create another query:

You could add complexity by tracking questions filtering with a specific user id, adding categories, etc.