Previously proven and working transformers no longer working (no change to code...)

  • Goal: Use a transformer that is already tested and proven

  • Problem: Every transformer in my app now says "function run failed" when I press preview, even when it was previously working

  • Steps:

#1 - Press preview on a tested, proven transformer in my app

#2 - It doesn't produce any output, just an error

And, all of my components are gone!

Hey @nl-setech, sorry to hear about the unexpected behavior and thanks for sharing the details here. When we've seen similar behavior a handful of times before, it can often be due to some kind of infinite loop in a transformer configured within the app. A few things we can try to narrow down the reason for what you're seeing:

Could you please take a peek into your app's History tab to see if you can find anything that shows components getting deleted?

Another troubleshooting step would be to try to revert to a previous version and/or view the app at a specific previous version with the _releaseVersion URL parameter.

Let us know what you see when trying those things, and we'll go from there!

In the end, I had to reboot my computer for some other reason, and it didn't have a problem after that.

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Thanks for the update, and glad to hear its working properly now.