Module Transformers Inaccessible

I recently built a module that contains a fileButton. This button takes a single list of names in a CSV. The button parses the data and then I am using a transformer to manipulate that list of names.

Everything works fine while I'm editing the module, but when I put the module inside an app, the transformers don't seem to work with the parsed data.

I have tried setting both the fileButton.parsedValue parameter and the transformer.value parameter as outputs from the module but only the fileButton.parsedValue returns any data. The output for the transformer is null.

Is anyone else having this issue and how do I resolve? I would like the module to operate the same in the app as it does in the module builder.

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Found the issue. I had added some preloaded JS functions in the module that didn't exist in the preloaded JS of the app itself, so the transformers were erroring out.

Perhaps a suggestion to devs to have the preloaded JS pass through into the app when importing a module :slight_smile:

Hey @jleem! Thank you for sharing the issue and the resolution :pray: I updated the internal ticket tracking this issue, and will let you know when there's movement there!

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