Prevent selected row event when clicking an action in the new table component


I use the new table component with an action to remove the current selected row. I also use a select row event to edit the selected row in another tab with a form. When I click the action button the select row event is also triggered which switches to the edit tab.

In the old table this didn't happen. How can I solve this with the new table?

Hi @Robby_Ceyssens

Thanks for reaching out and sharing details about your use case! I shared this with the team working on the table component :blush: We'll chat about how we could potentially solve for this!

In the meantime, I haven't found a great work around yet. One idea is to move the select row event (switching to the edit tab) to another action button instead of being triggered simply on select row. I realize that might be disruptive to end users if they're used to just clicking the row, but hope that helps for now :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for escalating the issue.

As a workaround I currently switch back to the first tab after a confirmation message but hopefully this will be fixed in the future in the table component.

Next week (likely Wednesday) we'll ship an option to Cloud for configuring whether the action click should select the row :tada:

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Hi Tess,

I noticed there is a new option "On action Click = Do not select row" in the advanced interaction settings for tables. Is this the new feature that has been added because your screenshot is not visible (private)?
How can I retrieve the data of the selected row on which the action button was clicked?

Thanks for flagging! Not sure what happened with the image :thinking: (fixed)

Yes, that is the feature I'm referring to. My apologies for not noting this earlier :disappointed:, but it looks like we're working on a second bug that will be needed to enable your use case - you should be able to refer to the i variable for the clicked (not selected) row, but currently i is always 0. I'll post back here when it ships.

Has this been fixed yet?

I just tested this again and the last bug is fixed.