Possible with Retool?

Hey all! I am looking to upgrade one of my tools that I use for myself when working on data conversion for different clients.

The premise is simple;

  • Select CSV file that already exists from my desktop.
  • Populate table with data from file
  • Click button to "Process" the data from the existing format to a new format and output a txt file with that data

Based on the process I laid out above, is the functionality I am trying to achieve possible within Retool?

I greatly appreciate the assistance being provided here.

Yes, yes it is. I recommend reading through the Docs and searching the forum.

Thank you for sharing those docs, Scott :slight_smile:

And Jordan, how have things been going for you?

Are there any specific docs that will help me with what I am looking to achieve. I have been browsing but there is a lot of content there.

Here you go -

Just for reference - this took me about 10 minutes? Once you start learning you way around retool, its awesome!

I think its what youre asking for:

  1. upload CSV
  2. show CSV data in table
  3. Process the Data [I take original data - add 1000 to each stock level, and swap the first and last words in each book title]
  4. Display in new table
  5. Download new table data as csv
  6. Voila

JSON to import and play with:
FileParseAndProcess.json (18.7 KB)

Fun little task.

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My previous 3 iterations of my code (started with Excel and VB, then using Xojo with C# to create a desktop app, lastly a web based app with Xojo) all used languages I knew syntax for. So it will take me a min to learn the syntax for appears to be javascript.

That said, would you be interested in a small paid gig to tweak your sample to more my needs. It wouldn't be doing everything I need but would provide me with a jump start and decrease my learning curve.

It doesnt appear there are DMs here. So we could connect via Discord, Telegram, SMS, whichever. I don't think it would take someone experienced more than a couple hours to make the tweaks I am after.

I appreciate it!

@JordanM - I sent you a message.