Portals Upgrade

When I hear "Portals" for cloud I invision "Spaces" type of setup.

Cloud portals would allow me to make more than one custom url "portalName.website.com" then I can set an app that they are directed to once they login.

Hi Justin!

Happy to put in a feature request, but would you mind expanding on what you have in mind here?

When I invision portals for cloud this is what i'm thinking.

In the settings -> Portals I see "Add Portal" button. (you can add as many portals as you want)
This has all the exact same feature/functions as the current "Branding" function does to include "domain name". This is the critical option.
Now add the option to redirect the login to XXX application.

The term being used is Portals, with the emphisis on more than one. So creating that function for more that one really delivers the "Portals" name.

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Thanks @Justin_Brodowsky! I appreciate you walking through the user experience and navigation process as well as why you think it'd be valuable!

It might be worth mentioning while this is not possible with portals, if you're interested in enterprise you might find using spaces as a "second best" option.