Populating timeline component with query results

Hi, title explains, I want to populate the timeline component with a query result, but it keeps asking for an array and I can't call the query. What is the correct way to do it?

So my query is:

SELECT ARRAY_AGG(type || ' ' || notes || ' ' || created_by) AS text_array
FROM opportunities_history
WHERE opportunities_history.fk_opportunity_history_oportunities = {{table1.selectedRow.opportunity_id}}

and it returns this perfect array called text_array. but in the component I use:


And it doesn't work.

Something like?

{{ getOpHistoric.data.text_array[0]}}

or use a query transformer.

return formatDataAsArray(data)[0]
return data.text_array[0]

First option works fine! Thanks a lot!

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