Formula for Text Component - Filter Query by Column1 and Return Column2 value

Scenario: I have a Query pulling table data from a Retool database called Scoring. This query returns 3 columns: id, NetPar, and Points. I will have multiple number inputs on the app but to simplify, I have numberinput1 which the user will enter an integer. This numberinput1 corresponds to a value in the NetPar column of the query. I ultimately need to display the Points for that corresponding NetPar. I was using a text component to display the corresponding points for the matching Score but couldn't get it to work.

Scoring Query (id, NetPar, Points)

numberinput1.value = 4

Expected return value would be 6 since NetPar 4 corresponds to the second record listed.

I could do this with another filtered query but since I will have multiple number inputs on the screen I don't believe that would be the most efficient way to do that. What's the best way to accomplish this?

Been playing with this for a couple hours and as soon as I posted this I realized that the query is not in an Array format so I enabled a transformer "return {{ formatDataAsArray( }}" and a simple find function worked.

{{ => record.NetPar === numberInput1.value)?.Points }}

New to Retool and java but I'm getting there!