Show a json, as list on text area

Hello, Retool user,

I've been trying to advance in this case, but it seems that I'm encountering a blockage.

To provide some context, I built an app designed to manage a competition, featuring a list of players who compete at different locations on the same day. My goal is to create a waiting list that checks people's availability, and another list that displays the ongoing matches.

However, I'm facing an issue: I do not wish to use the table component; instead, I prefer using a text area.

In my table, I utilize JSON to save the player IDs for a match. For instance, for a match that involves 2 players, it returns this: [1, 2].

When I use a table and in the content value of {{item.mydate}}, it returns this, which in reality works fine:

But, I would like to achieve a similar output in a text area, something like this:


Can you assist me with this?

This is something that you might be able to do as part of the default value property of the text component but can definitely do via transformer:

A query to return data (in this case, the date property from another query):

Put that in the default for the text component:

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Hello @pyrrho ,

It works perfectly :slight_smile:

Thanks for help !

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