Populate Table's Custom Column Dropdown's Values from Each Row's Data?

I need a table to display a dropdown for each row, and the available values in the drop down differs depending on each row. I have populated the table component with data that contains the dropdown values for each row, as shown below:

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 6.55.44 AM

In this table component, I created a custom column of type Dropdown. For its Values, I tried {{workspacesTable.data[0].availableNextStates}}, which successfully populates every row's dropdown with the same values, but this is not what I want.

I want to populate each row's dropdown with the values already contained in each row of the data with {{workspacesTable.data[i].availableNextStates}}, but this does not work. Each row's dropdown shows no values are available to select.

Hey @ashih! Have you tried using {{ workspacesTable.data[i].availableNextStates }}? The i variable in a table column should be interpolated with the index of the row the cell is in.