Please more options for responsive design

For the time, it seems that in mobile view only position and size can be different from desktop view. To achieve really responsive app design, we will need more abilities.

Just one (very simple) example: If i have this in desktop mode:

And i want that in mobile mode:

I can't have both at the same time. As soon as i change the alignment in mobile mode to center, it gets centered in desktop mode too. Also i want a little more size in mobile mode, but it affects also desktop mode.

And so on for forms, fields, etc...

Christmas is near, this is one of my biggest wishes (in retool) :innocent:

Please make components much more independent of the two modes! :pray:t3:
And maybe, you will find a different concept, than marking every component for the mobile view, and having to manually resolve conflicts of position, when they get marked for the mobile view.

Thanks for reading (again)! I'm afraid I'll get a bad rap soon... :see_no_evil: