Please change click-to-edit behavior while adding new row

I notice that the table edit behavior has changed. You now need to double click in a field to get a cursor to know you are editing it. If you start typing in a "selected" cell it also starts editing.

This is probably because I also notice that keyboard navigation is now working and Enter move to the next row, same column after editing - Yay, one client in particular will absolutely love this!

It is more like Excel which is a good thing and I do like not being dropped directly into edit mode by just selecting a row when I happen to click an editable cell.

However, this is a bit of a UX problem for adding new rows. You need to double click a cell to view the dropdown or edit a text field. It should just be a single click to enter edit mode as in the past.

Hey @bradlymathews!

Yes, the recent Table updates include much better keyboard nav support, as well as a "Double click to edit cells" setting in the Interaction section! Of note, even in double-click mode, you can start typing on a focused cell without double-clicking or hitting enter first — also just like Excel, as you noted. At the moment, we're not planning to add a separate "Double click to edit" option for the Add UI, but hopefully the ability to start typing to edit covers your UX needs. We're also shipping a few keyboard nav improvements for the Add UI specifically this week to fix focus outlines and enter/arrow key behavior.