Inline Editing in Table - Can You disable confirmation?

Hi all!

2 quick queries if anyone could be so kind! Beginner here so please be gentle!

Can you set table editing to just 1 row at a time and not multiple rows? I cant find an option for this.

Also when I inline edit a value, is there a way we can do without the save/cancel dialog box? So that just an enter press will run my query? True fast inline editing is what I am looking for here.


Thank you!

No, table don't support this now.

Yes, you can just click here to delete it

You can add custom shortcut here to save the change when press enter

or add event handler to cell change to save the change.

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Thanks for the help. I have got it working on the change cell event handler, brilliant.

However the table still shows the little blue arrow for a pending change as shown here:


How can I stop this behaviour?

Also when I press enter to change the value of the cell, the selected row moves 1 down to the next row. Can I stop this from happening as I have data elsewhere that is based on the row cell that I am originally changing. Hope that makes sense!

Thank you

Hi @bookworm moving down to the next row is expected :disappointed: You could click tab instead to go to the next cell to the right and stay on the same row

There isn't a way to disable the blue edited cell indicator, but if you refresh your table on success of your update data query, the edited indicator should go away

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any chance to allow table save changes after ENTER button is pressed?

Not currently! This is still an outstanding feature request

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