Keyboard navigation of table

A requested feature form a client would be a way to navigate the table with the keyboard they same way it works with Excel or Google Sheets. They do a lot of editing within the table.

  • Down/Up arrows: Goes to cell below/above the currently selected one.
  • Right/Left arrows and tab/shift-tab: Goes to next/prev cell.
  • Enter: If in editable cell drops you into the cell with the cursor at the end of the value ready to edit (this is how GSheets works which is preferable to Excel which moves down a cell.)
  • If you are on an editable cell and you start to type, the cell value clears and is replaced with the new keyboard input.

Hi, what is the status of this feature request? We need to be able to efficiently navigate through tables with keys, not having to click to move.

Posted in our other thread, but for anyone viewing this thread, looks like keyboard navigation for tables will be available (on Retool Cloud) by the end of this month :raised_hands: