Pgsql gui mode query permission denied for unrelated schema/tables


I want to run a 'Bulk update via a primary key' gui mode pgsql query that my pg resource connection should have permissions for, but I the query fails with a permission denied for an unrelated schema.

I configured the gui mode query and hooked it up as the save action to a table where I have a couple editable columns. I made some changes to the table and try to 'Save'.

When the query runs I get a statusCode 422 'Unprocessable Entity' error that looks sort of like this:

update "schemaA"."tableA" set "columnA" = $1 where "id" = $2 - permission denied for schema unrelatedToQuerySchema

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks for any help!

Hi @pkennedy,

Thanks for reaching out! Did you resolve this already? I'd try writing a hardcoded single record update in SQL mode as a test to see if that works or results in a similar error :thinking:

You could try querying the permissions in Retool to make sure it looks as expected.