Pass input variable into query library

Hi everybody,

is it somehow possible to pass an input parameter i get from an app into a query in the query library? I would like to achieve that the query still runs on several apps but only shows the data for a selected year for example.


@Que Check out:

Hi Scott,

Thanks, I had a look at that already.
I don't think that covers my used case or at least I can't figure out how I can access an app and then the input variable in the query of the query library.

Do you have any advice?

Any chance you can provide specific details and screenshots?


I have a simple select box where I can select either 2022 or 2023. This multiselect box is in an App where a user can choose which year he'd like to see.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-09 um 15.45.53

Now I am trying to filter some graphs for the year selected. For that, I have a query that is stored in the query library because it is also used for other apps. (These apps should also be filtered)

Therefore, I am trying to use the variable from the input box in the query in the query library. However, I have to let it know which app it is coming from or pass the variable into the query library in order to make the connection.
The screenshot below provides a simple starting point:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-09 um 15.45.47

Hello @Que, have you set the variable in the query library to {{multiselext1.value}} ? If not you need to go into the query library, choose your query, create a variable and assign the variable name and the value as {{multiselect1.value}}. You will then need to map a value from within your app, to the variable you created.


The query library won't have any information from an app, but as @Swift mentions, you can create a variable there.

Query library:

Then, when you import the query into your app, you can pass in a component value inside the app's query editor: