Pass query params with java script

hey i need some help with query params, icant pass the params to the querylibary
i am tring to create folder inside a folder with drive api.
the query works fine when i pass the params in the text box area, icant find a way to pass them with code. (the params is result of other query)
-i tring to save them in the localstorage but the data is not sync very well, it pass the last data ,not the new data.
pic for test example: the folder id exist.

Try using additionalScope like the example here:

i have tried and it doesnt work on query libary

See this post: additionalScope for Query Library - #3 by huang3r and maybe reach out to support if you can't get it to work because it is supposed to work.... best of luck

Hey @mordydd91!

The docs Scott sent over are a great place to start. To get additionalScope working with the query library you'll first want to define a variable in the query library query itself that you can pass values to in your app. This can be done by wrapping your variable name in {{}} within the query itself:

Now, when you reference the query in your app you should see a field corresponding to the variable you've defined. There you can define another variable in the same way (you'll pass this variable a value using additionalScope):

Finally, you can invoke the query and the value you pass to it will go through all the way to your query library query:

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