How is "Extract to Query Library" supposed to work?

I might be misunderstanding how this is intended to work so I'll just ask. I've created a number of prototype "apps" for various functions of our one larger app. My intent was to build queries alongside the individual portions then once all is working move those queries to the query library to reference in the main app.

What I'm running into is that when I run "Extract to Query Library" the current query becomes unusable then I'm having to delete that query, import it back in from the library, and reconfigure it. Is this the intended behavior?

Example (using the most basic of queries):

Click Extract to Query Library
The query then looks like this:

Running it shows:
The connected table shows this:
If I mouseover "Unshare" in the Query Library for this newly created query it shows that it's not being used by any apps

Maybe I am missing something but are you Extracting it first and then trying to Import it at the same time in the same app? Is it possible that once extracted you may have to refresh the app and then import that query back in to the app?

What I'm showing is that when extracting the query it immediately renders the query unusable in the app it was just extracted from. Yes, it can be deleted, reimported, reconnected to various components, etc. but that's quite cumbersome. I guess I'd assume that when extracting the query it would convert it to an imported query and automatically reference the one that it just extracted or at the very least give the option to pick the newly extracted query from the dropdown like you can when setting one up new.

That's a fair assumption but perhaps one of the Retool team members can address the issue (if it is one) and perhaps make it a feature? @Tess @joeBumbaca

Hey @philone This doesn't seem like the correct behavior, thanks for the post. @ScottR thanks for the ping!

I'll submit a bug report on this and update you all here when I get any additional information.