Pass events back from Module

There is currently a mechanism for passing events back to the parent app. You can create a Query Input and that can be tied to a JS Query that can do anything.

You can currently only supply a query as a handle for this "event." It would be nice to be able to do all of the other action now normal for event such as control component, run code, set temp var and so on.


Having thought about this a bit more, let me amend my request slightly.

A module has three ways to communicate with the parent app:

  1. Inputs
    a. Data - date passed into the component to be consumed somehow.
    b. Query - tell the parent to requery some data on the parent.
  2. Outputs - these turn into module properties on the parent side.

There is no proper event mechanism. You can use Query Inputs to run a js query on the parent that acts as an event handler. Or you can set a Query JSON w/SQL watch on an Output property which triggers a query.

What we need is a third category, Events, as a first class citizen. The parent would then provide all of the standard event handler options. Queries would still just get a list of queries to fire as it does now.

Edit: Oh and there should be a method for passing back parameters. I assume it would be a similar method for passing parameters when triggering a query from js.