Clear an input field in module from parent app

I really need a way to clear one input field in our module.

My intuition would be to add a "Method" to the component, but that doesn't exists, so I try "Inputs" instead.

I press "Add Input", name it "clear", and set the type to "Query".

Then I add a "Success" handler that clears my input on the "Module Input Query", as that seems to be the only way.

Finally I add the module to an app and try to trigger the input. No matter what I try, "clear" is just a string, and the module only has a weird unusable "Set an output" method.

So that approach did not work. Then I tried to add a "Javascript query" to the module instead that does the same thing.

And the same thing happens. The "Javascript query" named "clear" is still just a string, no matter how I try to use it in an app.

I'd really love a way to add methods to modules - am I missing something? I feel like this is a common use case for modules :+1:

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Hey @oles! I haven't been able to reproduce this just yet. Would you mind sharing some screenshots of your setup? And I assume the workaround above doesn't work for your use case?

@victoria your lovely support team was able to help me out!

They made a copy of my minimal reproducible app and module, and made a change I had not considered - and it worked!

I'm still not sure how it actually works, but passing in a "Temporary state" and using it as the "Default value" on an input in the module - causes it to reset on submit!

I'd still love for a better or clearer way to do it, like a "Method" or "Event" input type on modules, as this feels like a workaround, and not intuitive (for me, at least) :+1:

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I'm bashing my head against this again, btw.

It's sort of working, but I'm unable to make it not trigger on page load, causing chaos in my modules.

I've tried a bunch of workarounds with temporary state, the "Disable query"-feature in queries, but nothing really solved it, and in the end, it's a mess and hard to maintain and understand :smile:

Another +1 from me on this feature - it's really important when you're using modules for shared functionality across apps - something our team is using more and more - especially now that we're using Retool for all our internal apps :+1:

Hey @oles! Thank you for the +1 :slight_smile: Noted in the thread. Do you have any questions I can help you with in the meantime?