Pass AdditionalScope to onSuccess (or onError) handlers

Not sure if this would be a bug, or a feature request - If I add a run script event on success in a query, I can't access additionalScope within the script. I would expect to be able to access that here.

It would also just be really nice to have access to additionalScope properties in queries triggered on Success/on Error, allowing you to setup a sequence of queries that all refer to the same value that the first query in the sequence was triggered with.

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I hear the first request is coming as soon as this week!

The second is also a good request for those that prefer not to use javascript.

I personally find it much easier and clearer to use a JS query to trigger multiple queries in a row (I never use the GUI OnSuccess more than one level deep). That way you can pass additionalScope to subsequent queries without limit.


Thanks for the feedback, @Glen_Keane & @bradlymathews We're tracking both of these requests internally :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there! We shipped a fix for access to the query scope (additionalScope) in event handlers -- it should be available in Cloud mid-next week

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waiting for this, I will test it in the first time when I come out. :grinning: