Pass AdditionalScope to onSuccess handler

Did you already fix the problem reported on this topic

Pass AdditionalScope to onSuccess (or onError) handlers - Feature Requests - Retool Forum

I test I did not have access to additional scope vars in OnSuccess handler.


Anyone can help me?

Hey @Hugo_Marques,

Thanks for flagging! Apologies for the confusion, it looks like this wasn't fully implemented yet. There was a miscommunication on the feature request, and while we did ship a bug fix with additionalScope, the request for passing additionalScope to success/failure events is still outstanding :disappointed:

I will try to bump the request internally

My suggestion, is to trigger all of your queries from a single JS query. That way, the additionalScope value is in scope to pass to all subsequent queries, and you can use onSuccess or onFailure within in the JS query to chain them together: