Parametrized DB Credentials in Resources. Just like e.g. Rest API Endpoints (Scalability)

Hey guys,
would it be possible to take a look on a part where we need to read data from DB and allow us to parametrize the resource exactly like we can do with Rest API resources?

Example in rest api - URL: {{rest_hostname}}/api/v2/users
I'd need e.g. Postgre resource - Hostname: {{db_hostname}}; Username: {{db_username}}; etc

For me the issue is about scalability where we use an URL param to define the "environment" or perhaps "tenant", generally a context.

We can use that when accessing different API e.g. to authenticate and get some data, but with DB it's a no go. This is a little frustrating for me :frowning: - I did not find a better way than duplicating all the Postgre queries and adding Transformer that pick proper resource on top of it.

But. We love Retool <3 You guys created an awesome tool - thanks for that!

Hi @marek_il !

Thanks for your request! For on-premise instances of Retool, defining relevant environment variables can make this type of flow possible! For cloud instances of Retool, setting up Staging/Production credentials is as close as you can currently get, unfortunately. :pensive: