Moving data between resources / parameterizing resources

I want to build a tool that can compare and move data between resource environments, e.g. different databases. The full extent of what I want to do is not feasible without being able to parameterize resources to queries, because I would have to create (and maintain) a set of identical queries for each resource pair.

Is this feature something planned?

I understand this may have account use implications, however for sure there’s other ways to control that.

Hey @crystaln, and welcome to the community! Sorry for the delay here :slight_smile:

We don’t currently support parameterizing queries to different resources, but it’s definitely a popular feature request. Keep an eye on the changelog :confused:

I think I want this feature too. My use case is I have several different “environments” in my app, e.g. development, staging, demo, production. Each environment is more-or-less identical, but has it’s own PostgreSQL database. I would like to be able to create an app in Retool that can work with any of the environments, and then control access using Retool’s resource-based access permissions.

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