Unlimited environments or per-user development environment

Every engineer in my organization has their own deployment of our product. This works fine for everything except when we need to work on changes to our API that Retool uses, because we can't (easily) test out the changes before launching to staging. We currently have to temporarily swap out the staging credentials for our development environment, and then change them back once we're good with the changes. Or change the all of the resources in the queries to use a different resource that's pointed at our development environments.

It'd be ideal if either we had the ability to create our own environments beyond production and staging, or if each user had a custom "development" environment that only the could interact with. My preference would be for the former so that people could look at each others' environments in Retool for paired debugging, but that also would require a fairly complex UI so I'd be satisfied with the latter.

@wbobeirne this looks like a duplicate of Ability to create more environments which has some good news in the comments: Feature is almost complete, in testing now!

Fantastic, searched around but only saw very old issues with no mention of roadmap. Looking forward to it!