Option to have SQL resources requesting users for username/password

Would be great to setup SQL resources (e.g. Postgres) without username/password, so that the end users of the apps using these resources get prompted to authenticate first using their individual database username.
Use cases are where we have granular user permissions on database level (e.g. for accessing certain tables, views, row-level security, read only vs. write, etc.).

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Hey @Rafael - welcome to the community, and thanks for posting this! It’s definitely a good idea - we have a feature like this available for REST APIs (a custom auth flow where you can pass a username/password separately for each user) but we haven’t built it for databases yet. Will share with the team!

Hi there! Just joined and I would also like this feature. Has there been any development? We need to allow our end users to connect with ephemeral user/pass info at runtime.

Hey @justin, I'd also love to see this feature introduced - I'm seriously considering adapting retool, but my organization's security is organized around separate database users, and without support for per user database authentication using retool is impossible for us.