Option to always display X to close modal window

We've had many users give feedback over the past year that they have had issues closing modal windows in Retool because the default behavior is to hide the little X button in the upper right hand corner unless the user hovers over it. This leads to confusion because, without hovering over it the user has no way to know it exists at all.

It would be great to have an option in the module that says "always show close button" and for it default to be true since that, to me at least, is a better UI/UX. In lieu of this we've opted to add the following custom CSS to all of our applications which effectively does the same thing:

.ant-modal.retool-modal-component .ant-modal-close-x {color: red}

Curious if anyone else has experienced this as an issue or would find this feature valuable as well.

I see the x

Can you post a screenshot of what your users see?

This is what I see when I open a modal window, the X only appears when I put my cursor in the upper right hand corner of the modal window.

Have you implemented any CSS for apps in the platform or for the app itself?

I hadn't before when this was an issue, but per my initial post I did end up solving it by implementing custom CSS. However, before that I didn't have any custom CSS that would have caused this.

Turns out this is a bug related to the colors in my custom defined, theme. will submit this as a bug instead.