OpenAI Support Text to speech

OpenAI recently launch Text to speech

Retool AI can support ?


Hey @jk2K! I've logged this request internally and can update this thread when I have any additional information. Thanks!

Yes, please! The more AI Tools the better! We're integrating all the AI stuff we can into our Retool apps. What there is so far is great, but we'd love to have the text to speech, and the "read aloud" functionality as well!

Nice! Haven't explored yet, but I also just discovered the microphone component and this post about OpenAI's whisper (STT instead of TTS), so we'll start exploring soon.

Good to know we can just call the API this way instead of the built-in Retool AI options. Thanks @Augustine_Whitehouse

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I did a simple test with RapidAPI and VoiceRSS.. works well :slight_smile:

  1. Retool AI config:

  2. TTS API:

  3. Play audio config: