Offline mode - Functionality


We need to be able to use our app that we build offline also. Before we buy a subscription we would like to know about the offline mode functionality. We cannot get a free trial of Business level subscription anymore so we cannot test this, so we would like to understand the functionality before we subscribe.

  1. Is there more limited functionality in offline mode in mobile? E.g we have buttons on a form which triggers a JS query to convert latitude and longitude coordinates to UTM then enter that information into input field in the app, will this work in offline mode? This query would triggered after being in offline mode, arriving at a location (offline). Would this work offline?

  2. If we use the photo taker/uploader in offline mode is the photo stored in the device which can then later be synced to retool when internet connection is restored?


Hi Hugh!

  1. This should work. Do you have a screenshot of this by any chance? I'd be happy to confirm with the Mobile team.
  2. This should also work!

Some general notes I can share on offline mode:

Is there a limitation on how much data you can cache offline?

Currently we have a max cache size of 100 MB. If you are caching more once it goes beyond this limit, we evict the last used entries.

How long is data stored during offline mode? What happens if you switch to another app / force quit the app / app crashes?

The offline mode data is stored in the filesystem and won’t be gone if the app is close / crash. The only time the offline data is lost is when you delete the app.

If multiple devices made a change to the same data offline and they all goes online, how are conflicts being handled?

There is no built-in conflict resolution mechanism. All pending tasks will be executed sequentially based on the time when device get online. However, you can handle conflicts manually by enabling delay sync.