Oauth2 - Returns HTML instead of token

I am trying to authenticate to Hootsuites REST API. I am using Oauth2 as their docs show. It works in the Resources tab, or when I click Reauthenticate API, but if I try use it in a workflow by using the play button it just returns the HTML for the login page. How can I make it authenticate without making me login every time? How do I access the token that is generated when I use the Re-authenticate API button?

Hey @nhilbelink! Can you share how you have this resource set up? If the auth flow returns an access token and a refresh token, and the Share credentials between users is checked, this should work in the workflow.

Hey Joe, Thanks for reaching out. I got it solved a few days back. I'm new to Oauth2 and didn't realize how to properly use the keyword OAUTH2_TOKEN within the resource setup. Once I realized that I was able to set it up in the workflow without an issue.

Glad to hear that you have it all working!