Quickbooks OAuth2 REST Resource Unavailable in Workflow


Am relatively new to OAuth2 but understand the concepts. I have created a REST resource using OAuth2 and it currently shows connected:

When I attempt to use this resource in a workflow resource query block, it is un-selectable and shows the red circle with line through when I hover over it. Cursor isnt captured with ss so I took a photo:

Not sure what I am missing here.. any help would be much appreciated!

For any else that comes up against this, the "Share credentials between users" checkbox is the answer. Note that this changes the OAuth Callback URL from https://oauth.retool.com/oauth/user/oauthcallback to https://oauth.retool.com/oauth/oauthcallback -- be sure to update the other end before authorizing.

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Thanks for sharing back here that the solution is to toggle on the Share credentials between users checkbox, @Bre! There's one mention of this in our docs :

If your resource uses OAuth, make sure Share credentials between users is enabled on the resource configuration page. This ensures workflows run automatically.

I'm sure this post will help lots of other folks who might be wondering the same thing who'll be more easily able to search and find this. :white_check_mark: