OAuth 2.0 Resource not prompting user to authenticate

I have configured a Resource that connects to Google Drive. When I manually use the "Connect with OAuth" button on the Resource, it successfully prompts me to complete the consent flow, and the Queries using the Resource work.

However, when I load the App that use the Queries and Resource, the user is not prompted to complete the consent flow.

I have enabled the "Enable an auth verification endpoint" option, and when I use the "Check authentication status using current credentials" it correctly fails, yet the App does not prompt the user to authenticate.

I have read:

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I have tried:

  1. All the options under Prompt (Consent, Login, Select Account)
  2. Use Client Credentials Flow

Have I misunderstood the statement "You can add an Auth verification endpoint to determine whether to prompt a user to authenticate when they open apps using the resource. " or have I done something wrong in my resource configuration?

I ended up implementing the Auth button and connecting it with the Google Drive resource, and publishing my application.

The published version of the application does pop up the "Google Drive / REST API - Needs authentication" modal - so I'm wondering if perhaps the behaviour is different between the published App and the App during editing - because I cannot get the modal to appear during editing.

Following! @Retool_Moderator is this the expected behavior?

Hey @Nick_Myers @CCM! Yes, this is the expected behavior that you are not prompted to authenticate while in the editor. But are prompted to auth when viewing the app in end user mode.