Newbie Question On Displaying Array on Text Box

Hello, I am very new to some of this so please bear with me.

I am running a GET against one of our internal APIs and want to display the values ONLY in a Text box.

Query Object name: "query_api"



When I put {{}} on my Text box Value field it does not work unless I surround it with () and when I do that it shows as a comma separated list like this:


All I want to do is have a list like this with no indexes or anything displayed on the Text box:


Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. If there are better or easier ways to do this please let me know. Thanks!!!

@dayma Welcome to the forum!
You can use a listbox instead....
Can you share anymore information? screenshots?

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@ScottR This is exactly what I needed. I can't believe I was making it so hard. Thanks a ton!!!