New Table Editable Fields are not validating

Hey Team,

I've tried using New Table and made a Number column editable while having minimum set at 1 (or 5 in screenshot).

Apparently selecting a value that exist > Deleting > Submitting works and you're able to pass a null value even though Minimum is set.

Do let me know if this is a bug or a intended behavior.

It is considered changed because you edited it but did not enter a value... the original cell value would be 5 but looks like you are changing it to be null... have you checked the changeSetArray?

Yeah not sure if it’s a desired outcome/behavior.

Example you can set min and max to be between 0 and 100 so you’d expect value needing to be between it and NOT being null.

In comparison the behavior of Number Input component has a setting “Allow null values” which would handle this case.

This is expected at the moment! Making editable columns required is something that has been requested before, the dev team is aware of it and if it's included we can report back here!