New table components

I am converting an existing table to the new table component, date format will not convert unix date correctly.

Old table converted correctly using below format in mapped value;
{{moment.unix(self).format("MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm")}}

Hi Tony,

Would {{moment.unix(item).format("MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm")}} work for you? In the column settings, item refers to the mapped values in that column, while self refers to the state of the entire component. Let me know if this helps!

awesome, thank you so much

Hi @AnnaW
I'm having a similar issue.

I have this in a table (legacy) and it works just fine. {{moment.unix(self).format("MMM d, yyyy")}}

I have a very similar query (query json using sql) populating a table. Both have
a unix timestamp which I am trying to convert to a readable format.
The same syntax just makes the date blank. The only thing different is that the table does not say legacy next to it. Please note that I just created both tables within the past 2 weeks. Not sure why is legacy...

The field goes blank when I enter (self) after .unix. If I remove (self), I get the 1970 start date repeated. Why does the syntax work in one table but not in the other. They are both JSON formatted as array.

Hey @bigshooTer!

The new table uses the item variable instead of self to reference a cell's contents. Does using {{moment.unix(item).format("MMM d, yyyy")}} instead of {{moment.unix(self).format("MMM d, yyyy")}} work for you?